Friday, July 17, 2009

Chase Stone: Small Claims Bounty Hunter #1

From the team that brought you Agent comes an all new action comedy "Chase Stone: Small Claims Bounty Hunter."

Harper Stienkmen is on the run. Relentlessly pursued by a ruthless figure for the past three states, it seems everywhere he turns a modified 1987 Buick Grand National stalks him.

Stienkmen knows the only thing that will end this torment, the only thing that will appease his pursuer, is collecting the price on his head…

150 dollars.

Bail bondsman Chase Stone lives his life by one code: if you run, you’re money in the bank. No price too big, no reward too small.

A leather jacket, dark sunglasses and some Texas-based boogie and blues are all the company Chase Stone needs as he hunts down some of America’s “least” wanted men. Other bounty hunters may get the glory, Chase Stone gets results.

Written by Chris McQuaid
Artwork by Brian McKay

Going to print.... Today!