Saturday, November 1, 2008

McHozers in 2009

Alright so I promised an update on all the projects McHozers has planned for the New Year, so here we go.

The follow up to Celtic Shaman is on the way and it’s called “Fox Hunt: Tales of Gratuitous team-ups” and as the title suggests it’s a team up. This full length issue features Mannix and Dru once again attempting to rid a small town of a magical nuisance. This time along for the ride is Sean Koury’s “Bounty Hunter” and “Rabid” by Scott Claringbold and Marc Olivent. It’s shaping up to be a really fun story that I think fans of the characters will really like. Pencils will be done by Daniel Wong with Inks by Brian McKay.

Next is our horror title “Dead men and Poodle skirts” this book will feature the short story “Dead Menace” by Chris McQuaid and Brian Typhair. The book will also present the writing debut of Alain Lapierre who is working with Brian McKay on a short. Plus there will be a bonus preview of the upcoming book “Ripper” by McQuaid and McKay.

And finally, the third book that we are working on is “McHozer’s Presents.” McQuaid and McKay team up again on the lead story “Chase Stone: Small Claims Bounty Hunter” followed by two special bonus previews. “Xul” The Gabriel Pope Diaries” By Chris McQuaid and Jett Amago and “Grim Origins” by McQuaid and Peter McGrath with cover art by Kirk Harris.

2009 also looks to be a busy year for conventions for McHozers as we plan to attend as many as possible, such as the Fan Expo, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and basically anyone else who will have us.

There are a few other pokers in the fire at the moment, but for now I’ll keep them a secret (we have to maintain some mystery.) We’re hoping that 2009 is going to be a good year for McHozers and we’re glad that you guys are along for the ride.