Sunday, August 23, 2009

McHozers at Fan Expo 2009

Join McHozer Comics at the 2009 Fan Expo in Toronto Canada. We'll have loads of new prints for sale, as well as copies of our two newest books "Deadmen and Poodleskirts" and "Chase Stone: Small Claims Bounty Hunter"

The Toronto Fan Expo runs from August 28 to August 30 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - 222 Bremner Blvd. Toronto, Ont.

For more information visit the Hobbystar website at:

will be in booth A62. Click on the map to get a better look. Make sure you stop by and say hi, we'd love to see you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chase Stone: Small Claims Bounty Hunter #1

From the team that brought you Agent comes an all new action comedy "Chase Stone: Small Claims Bounty Hunter."

Harper Stienkmen is on the run. Relentlessly pursued by a ruthless figure for the past three states, it seems everywhere he turns a modified 1987 Buick Grand National stalks him.

Stienkmen knows the only thing that will end this torment, the only thing that will appease his pursuer, is collecting the price on his head…

150 dollars.

Bail bondsman Chase Stone lives his life by one code: if you run, you’re money in the bank. No price too big, no reward too small.

A leather jacket, dark sunglasses and some Texas-based boogie and blues are all the company Chase Stone needs as he hunts down some of America’s “least” wanted men. Other bounty hunters may get the glory, Chase Stone gets results.

Written by Chris McQuaid
Artwork by Brian McKay

Going to print.... Today!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deadmen and Poodleskirts

McHozers Comics presents Deadmen and Poodleskirts a 40 page horror anthology featuring the following stories:

Dead Menace: Trevor James is your typical 1950’s family man. He has a wife, two kids, a picket fence and a steady job. His life would be perfect… if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s turning into a flesh eating zombie.

Ripper: From the pages of Celtic Shaman comes Ripper. Someone or something is stalking the streets of downtown Toronto. But all is not as it seems. Who is the mysterious man the media have dubbed “The Ripper?”

XUL The Gabriel Pope Diaries: How far can one person fall and still find redemption? In this special sneak peek of an upcoming graphic novel we meet Thomas Sanders, a man who is willing to sacrifice his humanity to hide from his guilt.

Grim Origins: “Ducky” Bruce is a small time hood with a really big problem. What was supposed to be a routine pickup turns lethal when Death comes to collect a debt. Preview of an upcoming graphic novel.

Stories by Chris McQuaid, artwork by Daniel Wong, Brian Typhair and Jet Amago. Deadmen and Poodleskirts goes on sale August 2009 from McHozer Comics.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bread and Honey 2009

Whew... what a long day. Thanks to everyone who came by to see us at he Bread and Honey festival. We had a blast (I think it was even better then last year!) Brian and Daniel worked unbelievably hard and sketched for almost 8 continuous hours...

a big thank you to Todd at Image collections for having us, we had a great time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chase Stone preview

Hey guys,

Well the summer is just around the corner and we are putting the finishing touches on our latest projects. You've seen some preview art for our upcoming Black and White horror tile now it's time to show off some of the great work Brian McKay is doing on Chase Stone: Small Claims Bounty Hunter.

Part action hero, Part law enforcement agent - All bad ass. When a scum sucking low life slips through the cracks, Chase Stone is there to mop him up. No crime too big, no bounty too small... Petty crooks can run, but there's nowhere to hide from the greatest small claims bounty hunter of all time.

Chase Stone, written by Chris McQuaid, artwork by Brian McKay - available August 2009.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Free comic book day 2009

We want to thank everyone who came out to see us for free comic book day at both Image Collections in Streetsville and at the Silver Snail in Toronto.

We all had a great time and the weather was even a (little) better than last year. Thanks for having us Todd and George.

As we draw further into convention season we'll be announcing more appearances soon. Plus we'll be giving you a sneak peek at the two new books we'll be bringing out in August.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free Comic Book Day

Hey guys,

First of all I’d like to thank Jay Piscopo for this wonderful rendition of Celtic Shaman he did for us as part of the Facebook Comic Con. If you’re on Facebook be sure to check him out (and us too for that matter!)

We had a great time last weekend at the Fan Appreciation event and we want to thank everyone who came out to see us. Busy times.

May 2nd is FREE comic book day. McHozers comics will be in two places this year. Chris, Daniel and Jason will be doing free sketches at Image Collections, 181 Queen Street South in Streetsville, while Brian will be at the Silver Snail, 367 Queen St. W. in Toronto.

Be sure to come out, get some free comics and get a sketch done of you favourite character. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Upcoming appearances!

Hey! A couple of important dates coming up for the McHozers studio.

On Saturday April 18th and Sunday, April 19th we will be appearing at the Metro Toronto convention center for the 2009 Fan Appreciation Event


On Saturday May 2nd we will at Image Collections in Streetsville Ontario for Free Comic Book day! Todd and the guys always make this a fun day for everyone!

Stop by, get a book, check out our upcoming projects, get a sketch, pick up some prints or just to say hello.