Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March update

Sorry it's been a while since the last update. There are some exciting things going on.

Agent - We're now fully into the pencil stage. McK has finished some of the pages and they are ready to be inked. Once that happens I can start on the lettering and coloring.

Celtic Shaman - the book has gone from a 6 page short story to an epic ten pages. As with agent the thumbnail stage is over and we're moving forward into the pencils.

The current plan is to combine both stories into one 'McHozer sampler' that will hopefully be ready by the end of the summer (I've got a lot of long nights ahead of me! - good thing I've got a baby to look after who is more then willing to keep me up)

Also nothing is confirmed yet but McHozer's is planning on getting a table at the Hobbystar Fan Expo in August where we'll be showing off our stuff and doing free sketches.

Speaking of free... Be sure to check out free comic book day the first Saturday in May (I guess that makes it May 3rd this year) McK plans on attending the festivites at Image Collections in Streetsville (link on the side) once again doing sketches and giving those in attendance a sneak preview of Agent.